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[Samhan Industry Co., Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Plating & Product Samples

l Kinds of Major platings and Main Products l

a. Piercing (Gold plating & Pink plating )

b. Mark

c. PCB

d. Watch / Strap

e. Other kinds of precious metals
(ex : plating copper with silver, vice versa and possible Al or ABS, too )

f. Plating on decoration is also possible and long time(period) unchanged, harmless. Especially, platings on accessories excluding Nikkle ingredient.

l PCB l

  1. Electroplating PCB for Vibration motors¹)
  2. Other all PCBs (* Samhan Industry can also manufacture some PCBs, if ordered. )
  3. Plating PCB is one of our main jobs and is specialized, too.

* Developed electroplating technology for those products in 2001 and ordered by Samsung. Patented/registered by Samsung Electro-Mechanics, later. Samhan Industry can develop the special plating method within the period given, under mutual contract between buyer and Samhan Ind., if any special plating technology may be needed.

l Kinds of Functional Plating for products l

  • PCB for vibration motor
  • Alloy (Au + Cu)
  • Au + Co
  • Au + Cu + Ag, RH, PNP
  • Samhan Industry is a company performing [ TASK ] supported by SMBA (The Small and Medium Business Administration), as one of government agencies.

Research and Development

l Inspection Room l

l Certification & Patent in Korea l

  1. ISO 9001 : In 2002
  2. (Au + Cu) Alloy Plating (patent) for Samsung Electro-Mechanics
  3. Patent No 0268215, gold plating by way of silk print.
  4. Performing [TASK] supported by SMBA.

l Equipments/Facilities for Testing/Measurement l

  1. AAA Analysis Instrument : Testing (measuring) metal composition & solution (liquid)

  2. X-ray measuring Equipment : NDT, Non-Distructive Test

  3. Electron Microscope - destructive test, surface inspection, manification 1,000,000

l Production lines & Facilities l

  1. Production line

  2. Performing gold plate

  3. Plating Electro-Circuit Board